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Christmas Day Devotion for Families with Small Children


Candle Lighting:

Speak these words while lighting the first candle:
O Wisdom, holy Word of God, Jesus Christ, all things are in your hands, come and show us the way to salvation.

 Opening Prayer: (Pray – Peat/Repeat Style)

Gracious God, as we look at our Advent wreath, we that you sent Jesus to bring light to the world. Jesus, our light and our hope, has come.  Let our lights shine bright through the night and day. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


What’s something that happened today that made you happy?  What’s something that happened today that made you sad?


Wise Men – Pg. 218 from the Spark Story Bible (Or similar story from your favorite Story Bible)


  • What’s something you thought was interesting in the story?
  • What is your favorite gift that you received today?
  • What is the favorite gift that you GAVE?
  • How can we help share the gift of Jesus with other people?

Pray:  (Pray – Peat/Repeat Style)

Heavenly Father, today we celebrate Jesus’ birth and rejoice in his coming.  Thank you for the gifts of love, peace, and service. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Bless:  Child of God, Christ is with us, proclaim his birth and spread his word!


From Advent Devotions for Families with Small Children by Ariel Williams
Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved



I spent most of my life living in the great Pacific Northwest (Oregon). I went to college in South Carolina. I have also lived in Arkansas, North Carolina, kind of Virginia, Texas, & currently Pennsylvania. I’m a single-mom of two amazing children (aka – “The Things”) who keep life very interesting! I’m a pastor-in-training. The snark is fiercely strong with me! #Javaluia #VivaMoreCoffee

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